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Briefing of benefits:

1. Tighten vagina, strengthen vaginal muscles and make it able to give powerful gripping to penis. After 2~3 weeks’ exercise, you will have an active vagina other than the quiescent old one.

2. Healthier vaginal and pelvic environment, and healthier genital system. This is proven by the following effects:

a. Make the vagina juicier. This is especially useful for women at the age of menopause.
b. Defer menopause. During menopause, the vagina will wither. According to use and     disuse theory, more exercises will defer the withering of vagina.
c. Make the vagina more sensitive, shorten the time it takes to achieve orgasm and make it easier for women to achieve orgasm.
d. Enjoy multiple orgasm. One of our user told us that after she used our product, she can get 4 times of orgasm every time she makes love.
e. According the feedback of a client, her pelvic inflammation disappeared after a month’s use of our product.

3. Solve the problem of urinary incontinence for pregnant women. Alleviate lacerating wound during childbirth.

We are applying for patent right for this product in most countries around the world and have been authorized in many countries. Any violation of the patent law will be pursued and punished. Click here for patent pictures.
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The most important invention of this century in the field of sexual health is invented by PANNILE!

With our product, women won't be afraid of the hurt to vagina by nature childbirth anymore, Caesarean birth is no longer needed!
PANNILE vaginal exerciser will improve the status of human sexual activity greatly.

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During childbirth, women's vagina is hurt and enlarged by the baby. Vagina lose its usual elasticity and become wider and looser.  Vaginal flaccidity is inevitable. During later sexual activity, Mr. Penis can't find its gripped pleasure as in the past. Making love is becoming dull for both side.

To overcome vaginal flaccidity, the traditional solution is by surgery. Part of the vagina is cut off. The left parts are sewed up. It's very hard to shrink the wounded vagina even if it heals. It lacks elasticity.

Bodybuilding can make people's muscle grow much stronger than usual. This is well known by the public. But due to the given position and structure of vagina, its exercise is not so easy and effective as other parts such as arms and legs.

Now, our invention solves this problem completely. With the help of our device, vaginal muscle exercise becomes very easy and effective. This is not only a good news for those who have born children, but also a good news for those who hasn't. By the exercise of  vaginal muscle, women can control the gripping or shrinking of their vagina. Mrs. Vagina can grip Mr. Penis anytime she wants during love-making. This will give them great pleasure they have never experienced before.

Most men enjoy oral sex, because the mouth has the ability to suck, which most vagina don't have. But through using our vaginal muscle exerciser, Mrs. Vagina will have more powerful sucking ability than Mrs. Mouth, the pleasure she takes will be greater than oral sex. The reason is clear: a positive and powerful vagina is more powerful than the mouth.

【How it works】

Is it technically possible?
Women who has experienced orgasm must know that when they reach orgasm, their vagina will contract several times automatically and will hold the penis tightly. This shows that there are muscles around the vagina and the vagina can contract. From the picture above, we can see that there are muscles around the vagina. The problem is that these muscles are too weak, and people can't contract them usually.

Achieving Strong Vaginal Muscles
Bodybuilding can make people's muscle grow much stronger than usual. The vagina is also a elastic organ made of muscle tissue. For most women, these muscles are very weak and they can't be controlled by women's will. However, they can be strengthened by exercising, just as we can strengthen our arms by exercising through dumbbells. Our device can provide different resistance at different stage of the exercise. This feature complies with the rule of muscle building. It can satisfy the need of the user at different stage of the exercise. This is our technical advantage. Just like the training of muscle on the arms, if we start training the arm with a too heavy dumbbell, we can't lift it up. If we start with a light dumbbell and always use the light dumbbell, our muscle won't become stronger and our strength will remain the same. To strengthen our muscle, we must start with a light dumbbell when the muscle is weak, and as we exercise more, we need to add more weight to the dumbbell. In this way, the muscle and the strength of it will grow. It is the same to vaginal muscle.
And moreover, we also offer helps on nutrition, rest and other topics which is related to muscle strengthening.

Healthier Genital System
Research shows that strong pelvic floor muscle will promote the blood circulation in the pelvis. More blood circulation brings more nutrition for tissues in the pelvis. The tissues can refresh themselves with the nutrition and prevent dysmenorrhea and some complicating disease during pregnancy.

Intense Orgasm through out the Body
There are 2 type of orgasms for females. One is achieved by the clit and the other is by the G point. Strong pelvic floor muscle will do good to both of the orgasms. Most women can achieve the clit orgasm by touching the clit by hand. But the G point orgasm is not so easy to get. Recent research shows that the G point is probably the extension of the clitoris tissue. The key to achieve G point orgasm is contract the strong vaginal muscles while the penis is reaching at the position of G point.

Flash demo of the vaginal muscle exerciser


Our device is designed according to the rule of muscle building. It can offer variable resistance at different exercising stages. This make it much easier for the user to gain good results quickly.
It is absolutely safe and painless. It has no side effects.

This device has been authorized patent in P.R.China, U.S.A., Russia and South Korea.  We are applying for patent in most countries around the world.

【Product history and comparison】

Product history and comparison
Type First generation Second generation Third generation
Date of manufacturing 2002

Aborted and stopped production


Production stopped

 2007 till now

In production

Time needed for good effect From half a year to 2 years From 3 to 8 weeks From 3 to 8 weeks
Maximal Power Achieved by Users 40 mmHg 80mmHg 90mmHg
Difference of mechanism

Resistance is offered by the elastic tube.  It can only offer nolinear resistance.

Resistance is offered by fluid resistance part. It offers linear resistance which is adjustable.

The same as the second generation.


During each contract of the vaginal muscle, the resistance of the tube increase from zero to max value, and it become harder and harder for the user to contract her virginal muscle.
To make it easier to understand, when we lift a dumbbell, at lower height, it's light, but you lift it higher, it become more heavy. So the adjustment of  resistance by pushing more air into the tube is meaningless, because the resistance changes in every stroke. 

Size is too large.
Leakage of water.
Hard to assemble.
Poor appearance.
Mature product. No defect.
Improvement None

Compared to the first generation, fluid resistance is applied to the second and third generation. In each stroke, the resistance remains the same. When the muscle grows stronger, the user can adjust the resistance to higher value. That means the user can easily and effectively control the resistance of the device.

According to our clients' requirement, the size of the device is changed to smaller one. Improved structure solved the problem of leakage. Appearance is much better than former generations


Due to its' slow effect, the first generation is aborted. Actually , few people can wait and try so long to see the effect.

International patent is acquired in many countries.

International patent is acquired in many countries.

Fig.1 is the mechanical property of spring, including metallic spring, rubber spring and air spring. 

Fig.2 is the mechanical property of the first generation exerciser.
The first generation exerciser's resistance is adjustable. But its adjustment is of little use. It is very simple to understand its mechanism: when you pump more air into a balloon, it will become harder. From Fig. 2 we can see, even more air is pumped into the tube, it still can not change the fact that its resistance increases as the muscle contracts more. So this sort of adjustment is useless.

Fig.3 is the mechanical property of the second and third generation exerciser.

the The S-axis represents the displacement that the vaginal wall moves radially.
The F-axis represents the resistance of the device, also the strength of your vaginal muscle.
On the F-axis, Fmax is the maximum force which most people can possibly reach. Fmin is the starting force which most untrained users have when they start.
On the S-axis, S1 is the maximum displacement that a user’s vaginal wall can move on a device when she starts as a beginner. Smax is the maximum displacement the vaginal wall can move when there is no resistance, usually it is equal to the radius of the vagina.
From Fig.1 and Fig.2, we can see that the more you shrink your muscle, the higher its resistance becomes.  S1 of air spring and metallic spring is a very small part of Smax. This means that when you start using this sort of device, your vagina can only move the distance of S1. If you move more than S1, the resistance will rise too high for your vaginal muscle. In this case, your vagina can only contract about 10% of the radius of the vagina.
However, from Fig.3, we can see,  the resistance remains the same when you shrink your muscle. There are 8 fixed resistances, from low to high. You can choose which resistance to use according to your needs. when we start as a beginner, we choose the minimal resistance K1 which is represented by the green line. Here S1 is equal to Smax. We can see that it is very easy to start with our exercise which is using liquid resistance.

This part of explanation is easy to understand to people with mechanical knowledge, but it might be hard to understand with ladies who are not familiar with physics.

【Data Speak Louder Than Words】

According to the reports of our users, the maximal power of one of our users have reached 90 mmHg. She had been doing these sort of exercise for 2 years before she bought our product. So her starting strength is 40 mmHg, which is higher than 10 mmHg of other users who have no exercise before. After 2 months, she reached 90 mmHg. With 40 mmHg, her husband didn't much difference. But now with 90 mmHg, her husband says he can't stand her power.  
You can find a research report of old-fashioned device at
You can download it by clicking here.
According to this report, without our device, people can only increase their strength by 10~22mmHg.
But with our device, the strength can be increased by 50~80mmHg.

【Comparison with ointments for tightening vagina】

Certain chemical ointments are used to tighten vagina. Their effect is temporary. That means you must use it every time before you make love. But the effect of our product is permanent.
More over, after using our product, our clients can tighten or relax their vagina at their will at any moment. This effect can not be achieved by using those ointments. They can only make the vagina tightened up. As we know, if the vagina is too tight, the male partner will ejaculate ahead of time. So the best is to tighten or relax the vagina at your will at any moment. This will bring more fun to sexual life.


The inventor of this device is a Master of Engineering. He was a part-time coach of bodybuilding, familiar with the strengthening of muscles. He has been working in Pannile for 8 years, directing the business of penis enlargement exercising.

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